Summer show 2018

A harvest of flowers, fruit and vegetables from this year’s long hot Garstang summer was on display at the 29th annual members’ show of Garstang and District Gardening Club.

Cabus Village Hall was the venue for the event, which attracted interest from throughout the area.

There was a steady trickle of visitors to view the horticultural and floral displays as well as exhibits of homecraft and photography.

Peter Wiseman, standing in for show secretary Ruth Wiseman, announced the winners of the main prizes, which were presented by the club’s founder and president Ben Andrews.

Following the prizes presentation a raffle was held, then an auction of some of the exhibits, with club chairman Roger Broadbelt acting acting as auctioneer.

Mr Broadbelt thanked  Mr Wiseman for standing in as acting show secretary.

It was announced that an award winning trophy given to a member in the 1990s had been returned to the club. Ben Andrews said he would try to find out more about the trophy, which comprises several shields.

Roses: best in class 6 – 8: Liz Bertenshaw

Sweet Peas: best in class 9 – 11: Haydn Evans

Most points in classes 1 – 20: Richard Kellet

Most points in classes  21 – 26 (pot plants): Rhona Giles

Best exhibit in section C (cacti, succullents): Rhona Giles

Most poiotns classes 31 – 51A (vegetables): Ruth Cowell

Award for longest bean: Richard Kellet

Heaviest pumpkin (Cklass 49): Ruth Cowell

Best basket of vegetables: 1.Ruth Cowell, 2 Peter Wiseman, 3 Gill Bergman.

Most points section A – E: Peter Wiseman

First in class 58 (floral art), Liz Bertenshaw

Most points classes  59 – 61 (remainder, floral art): Gladys Bradshaw

Best Victoria sandwich: Ellen Burrow

Gordon Wadey Trophy for most points in homecraft: Ellen Burrow

Photography trophy: Ian Budgen