Ben Andrews takes a walk down memory lane
The seeds which led to the formation of the club were sown by Ben Andrews (pictured, left, in his garden with his wife Susan)
Ben had retired in summer 1986 as a horticultural lecturer at Myerscough College, and not being allowed to do part-time teaching at the college started up a day course in gardening at St Thomas's Parish Hall, Garstang.
The group ran very successfully for a year.  Then Ben asked the group what they thought about starting a gardening club. They were keen, so Ben booked the hall for an evening.
Fourty people turned up. Ben followed this with a second meeting when 80 came and a committee was formed, with Ben as acting chairman.
A programme was arranged, with meetings on the first Monday of the month through the winter and summer visits to gardens, nurseries, etc.
The first evening was held in September, 1987, when Fred Downham was guest speaker.
There was little doubt in Ben's mind that the club would be a 'goer'.
In its first year membership peaked at 147, though it usually runs around the 100 mark, with attendances being widely variable bsed on both subject and weather.
Good regular publicity is vital as people move on all the time, though there are at least 15 of the original members still in the club. 
Fred Downham, a personal friend of Ben's and very much a 'character', and probably then at the height of his career as a writer and broadcaster was elected club president early on and proved of huge value through his wide range of contacts. Since Fred retired a few years ago Ben now occupies the presidential shoes, having previously served as chairman for 15 years.
The winter programme has remained fairly constant over the years, except for the addition of an annual Christmas social dinner, but the summer has expanded to include a range of evening local visits, full day coach trips and a three day gardens tour.
The 2011 trip to Herefordshire was arranged for the first time by June Gornall and was very successful.
There's a summer show with flowers, fruit and vegetables and a spring show which coincides with the annual meeting, which centres mainly on bulbs.
Six speakers are required for the winter programme and the club has usually found it reasonably easy to find them. Ruth Cowell is the current programme organiser.
The club has featured on big name gardening radio and TV shows.
In 1992, Radio 4 "Gardeners' Question Time" was recorded at St Thomas' Parish Hall.
In 1998, BBC 2's "How Does Your Garden Grow?" featured Ben and Sue Andrews' garden at Dorchester Road, Garstang, and the remainder on a club visit to Stapeley Water Gardens in Cheshire. About five years ago Ben's garden featured in "Christine's Garden" on BBC 2, presented by Christine Walkden.  
There have been several highlights over the past 20 or so years, and some very special occasions and gardens that have been visited. 
Ben believes for those who managed to go, the visit to Prince Charles's garden at Highgrove (see photo) last summer must rank among these.
The biggest recent change at the club was the change in venue from St Thomas's Parish Hall, Garstang, to the Crofters Hotel, Cabus, Garstang. The change came about in autmn 2012 due to the poor condition of the parish hall, and the lack of refreshment making facilities, and a feeling that a move to a better venue was needed. The move to The Crofters has been welcomed by members, and seen an increase in the numbers of people attending.
* Thanks to Ben Andrews for providing his recollections for this article.