Spring show 2017

Spring show report and photos - March 13 2017

Robert Wadsworth

Catherine McCallum

Ben Andrews

Elisabeth Bertenshaw

Hilary Hine (and her hellebore in larger format below)

It's a sure sign that spring is in the air when Garstang Gardening Club holds its annual spring flower shows.
Scores of spring blooms - including daffodils, hellebores and irises - were entered for the show which was held at The Crofters Hotel, Cabus, on Monday evening (March 13), immediately after the club's annual meeting.
Chairman Roger Broadbelt reported on a successful year of lectures and talks on gardening and horticultural topics and treasurer Jennifer Westcott reported a healthy balance sheet .
The officials and committee members were elected en block: chairman Roger Broadbelt, vice-chairman, Hilary Hine; secretary, Ruth Wiseman; treasurer, Jennifer Westcott; programme secretary, Ruth Cowell; publicity officer, Anthony Coppin. Committee: Elisabeth Bertenshaw and Ian Budgen.Details were also announced of the forthcoming programme of trips during the summer months.
Before the "bloom room" was opened for members to view the spring show exhibits , the top trophies in the show were presented by club president Ben Andrews. The trophies went to Catherine McCallum (Cath Morris Memorial Trophy); Elisabeth Bertenshaw (Anne Wiggins Memorial Trophy) and Hilary Hine (Patricia Lettom Memorial Trophy).

Winners in the various categories of the spring show were:
Class 1, three daffodil bulbs provided by the club: 1 Catherine McCallum, 2 Ian McCallum, 3 Pat Bridge
Class 2, miniature daffodils in a pot: 1 Ben Andrews, 2 Elisabeth Bertenshaw, 3 Robert Wadsworth
Class 3, any other bulbs (not daffodils): 1 Robert Wadsworth, 2 Elisabeth Bertenshaw, 3 Pat Collins
Class 4, three standard daffodils, cut stems in a vase: 1 Pat Collins, 2 Elisabeth Bertenshaw, 3 Hilary Birtwistle
Class 5, three miniature daffodils - cut stems in a vase:  1 Hilary Birtwistle, 2 Richard Kellet, 3 David Birtwistle
Class 6, Spring arrangement - flowers and foliage (up to 12 inches): 1 Gladys Bradshaw, 2 Maureen Stuart, 3 HIlary HineClass 7, Spring arrangement - flowers and foliage (12 to 24 inches): 1 Elisabeth Bertenshaw, 2 Peter Wiseman, 3 Carol Worthington
Class 8, Hellebore bloom floating in water: 1 Hilary Hine, 2 and 3 Gladys Bradshaw