What's growing in your garden?


In this section we're featuring photos of members' gardens, plants, vegetables and allotments. Let us know if you have any parts of your garden of which you are especially proud, or plants you particularly like, and we'll be more than happy to include the picture or pictures in this section.
The three pictures (left) are Hellibores growing in the garden of club vice-chairman Hilary Hine
This picture (left) was taken in summer 2011 in the front garden of one of our members in Garstang. The attractive bright red flower in the foreground is crocosmia.
This set of photos were taken in summer 2011 in a "linear garden" off Park Hill Road, Garstang, alongside an old stone wall next to the route of an ancient, possibly medieval weind (alley). You can see the garden if you look near the Methodist Church.